Edelsten Weekend Part 1: Sudelfeldpass - Bavarian Alps.

After a first one year full of action and emotions for the staff of Edelsten Bikes, we decided to celebrate the best way we know: going cycling!

Oliver Gref planned a very special ride through the roads that he once used for training during his time as professional rider. The area selected was located in the south-east of Bavaria and the main target was to climb the Sudeldfeldpass.

As in any other party what really matters is the people who takes part in it. We were lucky and enjoyed the company of some of our closest friends and customers. As special guests, we had the chance to host the guys from Raw Cycling Mag. 

All together we discovered some pretty awesome roads.

Schanuks Lindl. Mittenkirchner Str. 1, 83629 Weyarn

Schanuks Lindl. Mittenkirchner Str. 1, 83629 Weyarn

Meeting Point: Gasthof Lindl

We started celebrating really soon at Gasthof Lindl. Schanuk and Jutta own a beautiful Gasthof - typical Bavarian Maisonette- where they serve daily meals to the local people of the area. They received us outside with fresh coffee and some Bretzels with butter to start the ride, and in the last minute Jutta decided to join us.

At around 11:00 a.m. already 15 people were waiting for the party to get started. And the party got started!

Schanuck would just open his restaurant and let us in to the kitchen, we feel like at home!

Rolling down to Sudelfeld Pass.

The Sudelfeldpass is 1123m high above sea level. It is located in the southeast of Bavaria between the counties of Miesbach and Rosenheim, about 7 km (linear) north from the border to Austria. This mountain pass is part of Sudelfeldstraße in the Bavarian Alps and also part of the German Alpine Road.

Before arriving to the start of the mountain pass, we rolled on some beautiful roads passing by the Schliersee lake, beautiful towns like Bayrischzell and zero transited roads.

The climb of the Sudelfeldpass

The Sudeldfeldpass starts in the town of Brannenburg. The road starts really steep and already from the beginning the group split in three.

The second and third group were able to enjoy the view of the ski paradise Sudelfeld, east and very close to the waterfall Tatzelwurm. The first group, was too much busy on keeping eyes on their colleagues !!


At some point of the climb there were no more friends left in the first group.
The second and third group enjoyed the beauty of the road.

A piece of pie, please!

After reaching the top of Sudelfeldpass was time to have a rest, still there was a beautiful road to downhill and some more kilometers to roll on. The prize was one of the most well known places in the area serving all sorts of cakes, pies and pastry in XXL size. So the guys hurry up and paced the way down fast.


And finally the prize!

Everything comes to an end

Having our belly again full of sugar to process, the group headed back to where everything started. Around 40km separated us from Schanuk and the guys decided to make the most of them. As it should be at the end of the ride, there was the strict order of no people dropped and all the group together arrived to the Gasthof Lindl to enjoy together a nice and beautiful evening.